‘Train the mind and the body will follow’

November 20, 2018

Most athletes will do just about anything to step up their game in hope to get better, faster and stronger. The beauty of floating is it doesn’t require you to do anything at all! 


‘Sensory deprivation tanks’, also known as ‘floatation tanks’ or simply ‘float tanks’ are helping athletes around the globe improve their recovery and over all performance.


Check out this video with super star NBA player Steph Curry. 


Take note of the sentence at the end.  It’s so simple. ‘Train the mind and the body will follow’. Our mental well-being is so often put behind our physical well-being. Why is that? It is just as important, if not more!


There are plenty of physical benefits to floating, don’t get us wrong…we love those to! But the real game changer here is the environment in which the float tanks create to be able to disconnect with what’s happening outside of the tank and really focus on re-connecting with yourself. 

And this is not only a need for high end athletes, this is for everybody. It’s so easy to lose touch these days, we’re always too busy. 


Spend 1-2 hours in a floatation tank and re-organise your thoughts. Clear out the negative banter and hone in on the positive. Get motivated, get focused, get on top of your game!


It’s not just Steph Curry who has found a love of floating, Australian swimmer and Olympic medalist James Magnussen and tennis star Novak Djokvic are among many who have added floating into their recovery and performance enhancing regimes.  


To find out more about floating and it’s benefits, follow this link to our website >>> https://www.floatberwick.com.au/mind










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