Float Tank Tips

November 20, 2018

Hey float community!


We've gathered our float coaches top floating tips and collaborated them into one nice list.


If you're new to floating, or looking at ways to improve your practice, go through and tick off each one!


1. Try both a morning float and an afternoon float to see what works best for you.


2. Extend the music at the start of your float to 10mins to further assist the slowing down of brain wave activity - great if you found it difficult to quieten down your thoughts in a previous float.


3. Use the last 5 mins of your float to stretchhhhhhh! - doing this in the tank with zero gravity is amazing!


4. Float following a relaxation massage to assist in getting both your mind and body to relax - our room mates Berwick Myotherapy have got you covered!


5. Start your float with breathing exercises. Inhale for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 4, all through your nose. - This really helps!  If you need more guidance, ask us about our selection of podcasts.


6. Try a 90min float - We suggest starting with a couple of 60min floats first but that extra 30mins can be just what you need.




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