The history of FLOATING

April 1, 2019

Floating or float tanks are a natural tool used by many to aid in both physical and mental well being and although it seems like a modern trend, it's actually been around for quite some time.


The first float tank was crafted in the 1950's by Dr John C, Lilly, a neuropsychiatrist interested in the nature of human consciousness. Lilly was also well known for stirring controversy among mainstream scientists!


Back then he called it an 'isolation tank' and although quite different to today's design, the concept remains the same. A fiberglass tub, filled with a mixed solution of warmed water and epsom salts to keep you effortlessly afloat, reducing as much external stimili as possible. 


The initial design had the floater suspended upright, completely submerged with their head covered with a breathing apparatus and mask. Thankfully as time went on, Lilly explored options to make the experience more comfortable by altering and adding things like lying down, water heaters with thermostats to gauge and perfect temperature control, air pumps and solution filters. The design of the tanks evolved over time and the first commercially available float tank was released in the early 1970's.


Although float tanks launched in Dr Lilly's home country, America, over the past few decades the European's have really taken to the practice of floating. It has become widely accepted as a natural tool for overall well being here in Australia too. We are so happy to bring float therapy to the south east suburbs of Melbourne and cater to the local Berwick and surrounding suburbs community.


Research continues today by clinical neuropsychologist and director of LIBR Float clinic and research centre Dr. Justin Feinstein in Oklahoma. With recent funding approved, we can only imagine what Dr. Feinstein will deliver in the near future. As always we will keep you posted with the latest and greatest research.


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