What the Simpsons and Float don't have in common.

August 3, 2019


So for those of you that grew up with the Simpsons, you might recall the episode where Homer and Lisa are trying to do more together - Father/Daughter time. So Lisa take Homer for a float and he basically is lucky to survive the ordeal. So we thought we'd point out some of the things that differ in a true float experience against what happened in the Simpons!


We don’t have two tanks in one room – Homer’s singing is a prime example of why we don’t!

We have two completely separate and private Float rooms, so there is no distraction. Although it may seem like a cool idea to Float with a friend in the same room, Floating is designed to allow you time alone with minimal sensory input. Someone else sloshing around and making noise would defeat the purpose entirely! Also this allows you to Float nude which is recommended (not required) and enjoy your before and after shower time in peace.


No one will lock you in with a breezeblock!

There are no locks on our Float tanks and no breezeblocks in the clinic, you are safe! We definitely don’t recommend trying to read magazines in the Float tank like Homer, but if you did we wouldn’t know. We have a privacy lock on each door to our Float rooms and from there you have full control of sliding the tank lid closed, partially open or fully open. Complete unforced privacy! I would note that leaving the sliding door open will mean you don’t have the full sensory deprivation experience, but you will still benefit from shutting down your other senses and absorbing all of the magnesium salts which has its own benefit.


Homer is singing, that’s definitely not recommended.

We start your float with 5-10 minutes of bin-aural beats (if you are unsure what these are, stay tuned for our upcoming blog!) These help you to slowly ease into sensory deprivation. Limiting sound input is a huge factor in allowing your brain to calm and move to those lovely relaxed brain waves we experience before sleep. So yes, refrain from singing please. Particularly Witch Doctor. It's a great song but for our benefit, just don't :)


Yes, you may feel that you can’t relax, but don’t be a Homer. Try to immerse yourself in this experience that is like no other. Your body and mind will thank you for it!


Laura X


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